"In the Glass Box" by William Bottini, 2019. Model: Snake (Shanna Polley) from Snakeskin.
"In the Glass Box"
Photographs for Snakeskin
"In the Glass Box" is a photograph I took of Snake from the band Snakeskin. The photograph is part of a campaign to get her upcoming record, Legend Sound Forever, signed to a label for release. The concept of the photograph references the fairy Snow White, video games, magic, and museum displays. For me, I wanted to show how as an artist Snake works within a particular style -- pop music -- but while "in the box" of that style, she also has complete control. Sometimes creative constraints can have a powerful inspirational effect.

The lighting of the photograph draws from the painting technique tenebrism, or dramatic illumination, in which figures are illuminated in dramatic high contrast between complete darkness and light.
An additional image of the set for the photograph
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