I created these three pieces of jewelry in the style of CAPTCHA text from the 2000’s. The words, Legend Sound Forever, have special meaning to their owner, Snake from Snakeskin.

Because they are CAPTCHAs, they are unable to be read by computer vision. I have been thinking a lot about what it means to see as a human vs as a computer lately. In the technology and art worlds there is a lot of interest in the things computers can see that we can’t, but we should remember that there are things we see that computers may never truly see: human ideas, and the feeling embedded in those ideas. Of course, this style of CAPTCHA is already a relic of the past, already out of date. In this way, the CAPTCHAs become tokens of our technological advances, of what we have gained and lost over the years.
Below are some examples  of  the CAPTCHAs I used as visual references, followed by  my vector design, and a 3D rendering I used to assess the final result before printing the jewelry.
My vector design.
My 3D rendering.

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