The launch video for my Donald Trump Nightmare Leggings for Women, 2015.
This is a joke that got really out of hand. I had been creating "content aware" collages of Donald Trump's face in mid-2015, during the rise of Donald Trump in the US presidential race. A friend suggested I turn these into a pair of leggings and I was crazy enough to do it.
That suggestion turned the project into a challenge: design, fund, and create the worst pair of leggings possible - and do so in the worst, fastest way possible. I launched a Kickstarter to fund their creation and advertised it using intentionally bad videos and fliers, the latter of which I created in Microsoft Word. I advertised using the language of Donald Trump: "something's wrong with you, so donate to support this Kickstarter!" 
I fully funded the project in mid-October and my final leggings went out in mid-November, just as Donald Trump's candidacy stopped being funny.
Donald Trump Nightmare Leggings for Women, 2015.
Donald Trump Nightmare Leggings Pattern, 2015.
One of my advertisements for the Kickstarter. I posted the print up with instructions to "deface" it. Many people took creative liberties in expressing their thoughts about Trump.
One of the recipients of the Donald Trump leggings sent me a selfie.

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