In this experimental project I explore the glitching graphical error of coplanar meshes. Coplanarity occurs in 3D graphics applications when the vertices of two or more meshes share their location in space. Coplanar points are notoriously difficult to render, resulting in a kind of indeterminate superposition of the meshes.

If the two meshes differ in material property or appearance, the result is a strobing flux between the two materials at every given point in the mesh, breaking the illusion of the solid 3D surface.

As part of my ongoing explorations in tool-breaking, I ask, how can this rupture become beautiful? How the "failure" of the render be reinterpreted as rendering as-such; not a fault but a quality of the tool? 
I also explore the concept of "draft" settings as an alternate way to produce final visuals.
Coplanar acne. Acné?

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