Two Men is an animated musical short created for YellCo, a comedy collaboration between William Bottini (me), Kevin Hull, Shanna Polley, and Sarah Rogers.

Two Men tells the story of two men sharing a house who are joined by progressively more and more men until a huge number of men live in the house and eventually escape. The song was conceived by Shanna Polley and Kevin Hull and completed recorded by Kevin. Shanna and I produced the illustrations based on her initial concepts and I animated the video.

Two Men is meant to be intentionally so-bad-it's-good, what I have coined "goodbad," and as such I put several constraints on the illustration and animation to force a particular level of quality: the illustrations were created with a limited, Microsoft Paint-style color palette and image resolution; the video effects are all presets available in Adobe Premiere, and many of them are listed as "Obsolete" effects, and no complex animation, including frame animation, was allowed. Likewise, the song was written not to be good, but to be insane.
Here are some of the illustrations I created for the video:

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