I created this surreal, relaxing, yet uncanny ocean ambience video with Shanna Polley. It features a "timescape" slitscan video I made and Shanna's immersive sound design.

"Timescape" is my term for the use of slit scan video to make uncanny landscapes which feel as though they depict space, when in reality, they depict change over time. This timescape was captured at sunset in Pacifica, California in the year 2015. In this scene the camera sees the continuous crashing of the waves on the coast through a single pixel-wide vertical slice which is printed out from left to right across the image over time. In this instance I have adapted this slitscan photography technique to work with video, so each vertical line of the video is its own slitscan being read continuously over the entire looping portion of the video (about one minute).
Though the image appears to depict space, it really depicts change in a single vertical slit over time.

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