I was the head of video production from the founding of Grokker up until December 2014. I designed our video format and scaled it into two production markets: the SF Bay Area and London. We produced over 1200 videos with speed, rigorous quality standards, and disruptive economics. These are some videos I worked on directly that I'm very happy with. My credits are listed in each caption, but it goes without saying that every video requires the work of many individuals in the production and operations teams.
Grokker Series
Director. Producer. Art Director.
Director. Cinematographer. Producer. Photographer (timelapses). Editor (trailer). Designer (graphics). Writer (scripts). 
Director. Cinematographer. Producer.
Director. Cinematographer. Producer. Writer. Graphic Designer.
Photographer (timelapses). Producer. Editor.
Director. Cinematographer. Art Director. Producer. Writer (scripts).
"Meet the Expert" Videos
These videos are short bio pieces I designed to introduce our audience to our experts. They're the most fun to create.
Director. Cinematographer. Interviewer.
Director. Cinematographer. Interviewer.
Director. Cinematographer. Interviewer.
Full-Length Videos
Here are two full-length Grokker videos that represent the level of quality that we strive for in each release.
Director. Cinematographer. Producer. Photographer (timelapses). Designer (graphics). Writer (scripts). 

More Projects

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