Magibart, 2019. William Bottini.
Simpsons x Pokémon Mashup Illustrations
In this series of illustrations I combined characters from The Simpsons and Pokémon into new creatures called Simpsémon. This was a fun side project I used to learn digital illustration on iPad. There are a few other artists who have done mashups of the entire first generation of Pokémon with 150 Simpsons characters. Some one-off mashups, such as "Homerchu" have become widespread memes. I did this project for myself, and never intended to do every Pokémon, but I do think it is interesting that this mashup has been done time and time again by other artists who grew up in the 1990s.
Despite their being so many mashups of Pokémon and Simpsons, each combination seems wholly unique. For such simple characters, it's amazing the number combinations you can make from them. The Simpsons characters are well-suited to remixing: their eyes, ears, noses, teeth, hands, and mouths follow a standard design. It only takes subtle deviations from the standard to create a new character.
Gyaramarge, 2019. William Bottini.
The Pokémon characters are much more varied in their body shapes, but their designs consist by and large of clear, simple shapes and solid colors. Mapping Simpsons body parts onto these Pokémon is therefore very doable.
Below you will find the rest of my Simpsémon. In the future I hope to do more. I also hope that if anyone sees this, they get inspired to do their own. I think that the prompt for these illustrations is very fun and I could see this being done by illustration students as an exercise.
Chomey, 2019. William Bottini.
Maggiemite, 2019. William Bottini.
Burnstwo, 2019. William Bottini.
Lisabra, 2019. William Bottini.
Margengela, 2019. William Bottini.
Homerlett, 2019. William Bottini.

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