Internet Session 2.0, made by Internet Loom, a software I designed to create tapestries out of the visual information received during internet browsing.
Internet Loom 1.0. A real-time browser extension I developed for Google Chrome. It manipulates the colors of web pages by pulling them from their original position toward a “sorted” position on the screen, where they are arranged according to the sum of their RGB values. The “gravity” of this effect can be dialed up or down.
A single Pinterest page sorted by color
It’s been said before that the colors of the Internet generally fall into a few basic categories: grayscale (Wikipedia), red (Pinterest, YouTube), yellow (Amazon), and blue, blue, and even more blue (Google, Facebook,
etc.). Do individual browsing sessions reflect this trend? How can we reframe Internet usage using color sorting?
Internet Session 1.0, a video version of the concept that cues the color sorting to music I was listening to as I surfed the net.
A single browsing session as capture by my program.

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