"Singles Too" Infomercial for Screaming Females
"Singles Too Infomercial" is a promotion commissioned by the band Screaming Females for their upcoming album release, Singles Too. Since the album is a compilation of singles and B-sides, I created a commercial in the style of 1990s CD compilations as seen on TV, such as Now That's What I Call Music and Pure Moods.
The ad prominently features the phone number, which is 1-800-35-SCMFM. It actually  works! I wrote and recorded the message which plays on the phone. The voice was  performed by Shanna Polley. The video in the commercial is by Bob Sweeney and the band themselves. I created all the motion graphics and hand-drawn animation. Below you can see stills from the commercial to see the range of styles I used in the commercial. I wanted to have as large a variety of styles as possible to mimic the style of the commercials I emulated.

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