Neil Breen's Spinach Scene: The Twisted Pair Corrupt Version is a video edit I made combining scenes from Neil Breen's films Fateful Findings and Twisted Pair. Neil Breen is a filmmaker known for his so-bad-it's-good films which typically feature awkward scenes between Breen and his love interest, amateurish green screen effects, and languid editing. The base for this video is a scene from Fateful Findings in which Breen, playing a widower super hacker, eating a plate of plain spinach as his new lover (his first childhood crush) patiently watches. On top of that, I've added a special effect scene from Twisted Pair in which Breen, playing a humanoid superhero, sneaks into a chemical weapons plant using his flying powers. Breen's sneaking performance consists of Breen walking around on a green screen against a still stock photograph of an industrial plant. I was able to rotoscope Breen out of the industrial plant and place him in the Spinach scene as a tiny imp-like character who leaps onto the plate of spinach and knocks it over.

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