on the crest of a circuit 
at the bottom of the sea
put your weight on my back
it’s a new conspiracy 

space for muscle to mold
and the power of the tide 
stowed away in your chest
waiting to be synthesized 

split the ends and shift our shape
watch the energy escape 
feel this moment come and fade
memorize the sound it makes
Exploring the Beauty of Information Loss
“Synthesize” is a music video I directed for the band Snakeskin. It uses the concept of information loss in a narrative sequence about being “synthesized” into a digital form. The aesthetic signifiers of missing information change with changing technology and platforms. The white noise of twentieth century television was replaced by missing video “tiles” in digital video signals in the transition to the twenty-first century. More recently long stretched bars of pixels have appeared in web video and video production software. These pixel bars have been aestheticized in a microgenre of glitch art called “pixel sorting.”
The video makes heavy use of time echoing; where previous frames of the video are kept on screen in an offset sequence.
Color sorted noise.

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