"Baby" Snake Enamel Pin
I designed this enamel pin and packaging for the band Snakeskin. The design, called "Baby," is taken from the music video I directed for her song, "Limbless." I partnered with The Studio to orchestrate the manufacturing of the pin. It was my first large-scale manufacturing project. We produced an initial run of 300.
Upscaled Packaging
The packaging for the pin makes use of old Pokémon cards with no resale value, like Energy cards and common Pokémon such as Ekans. I wanted to use ephemeral paper products as the base for the packaging to reduce the waste involved in creating a physical product.
Enamel Pin Promotional Video
We created a short ad for the pins that was featured on Instagram for several months. It features aesthetics from the "Limbless" music video. The music and voice over were recorded by Snake herself.

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